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Quality Assurance.

Hello there! If you're looking for an experienced and ISTQB Certified QA Engineer, QA Tester, or a Software Verification Engineer, you've come to the right place. My name is Damir and I am a detail-oriented Senior Quality Assurance Engineer with 6+ years of experience working with and for large North American firms in various IT related capacities including software, hardware, and networking/telecom.

Looking to add to your dedicated team or just need an additional resource for a specific project? I am available for both short term and longer term commitments. Learn more about me and then feel free to get in touch with me to discuss the details!

Android Testing iOS Testing Web Testing UI Testing

Web/UI Testing

More and more data is moving into the cloud and businesses are looking to leverage the Web to easily implement their solutions and deploy them across the board. Web based applications allow you to do exactly that. I specialize in cross-platform web testing with a focus on the user interface, compatibility, and performance. Automated testing can also be implemented using tools such as Selenium.

Mobile App Testing

Mobile devices have experienced phenomenal growth over the past few years and now it seems like everyone and their grandparents have a smartphone or tablet these days. But that's a good thing! Testing mobile apps just requires QAs to take certain special considerations into account given the variety of hardware and software available out there.

API/Performance Testing

APIs are great way to extend your platform and to integrate with others, but they can be difficult to test with no UI associated. You need to have the right tools for the job and the CLI knowledge to ensure they are working correctly. Likewise for performance testing. Performance testing is the key to ensuring a consistent experience, and I have the tools and knowledge to do both.

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Software TestingMaking sure that your software doesn’t break, works efficiently, and delights users naturally builds a foundation of trust between you and your customers and they’ll be happy to use it more often and even recommend it to their friends. Plus, you’ll have far fewer customer support issues to deal with, leading to cost savings and less headaches in production. This is the core of what I do.

Bug Reporting

Bug ReportingEvery piece of software has bugs and as long as humans are the ones writing the code, there will continue to be errors in software. Some bugs are trivial, while others are critical. The important thing is to find these bugs and report them quickly. I already have experience with all the major Bug Tracking suites including JIRA, BugZilla, Test Manager, Launchpad, Assembla, etc.

Test Cases

Test CasesTest cases allow for systematic and consistent testing of all the different components in a single piece of software. Writing properly formatted and distributed test cases is the only way to ensure full test coverage of the application has been achieved. I have experience with test case managers as well as writing complete test case suites for Sanity/Smoke, Regression, Performance, and other kinds of testing.


Troubleshooting/TriagingRarely does anything work straight out of the box and software is no different. Often the cause of any problem is a small detail that was overlooked or user error and that is why it is important to be persistent! After years in the IT industry, you realize how time saving and efficient it can be to track down and fix the root of the problem yourself.


Installation/MaintenanceTo ensure valid testing, a dedicated and isolated test environment is often required. Knowing how to prepare and configure that environment to certain specifications is a must. I am used to receiving blank hardware or only connection credentials and setting everything up from scratch, regardless of the operating system or hardware.

Test Plans/Reports

Test Plans/ReportsCommunication and planning are key components to make sure your testing goes off without a hitch. To achieve this, a test plan is often written in advance documenting the testing approach that will be used and what components will be covered. At the end of the cycle it is then equally important to record your results and highlight any areas of concern.

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I graduated from one of the top 10 Universities in Canada, the University of Ottawa, which has been consistently ranked in the top 200 in the world as well. I am a native English speaker with years of experience working both in a professional office setting and remotely. Communication is a critical component in this line of work and I make myself as available as possible. I am detail-oriented, professional, a team player, and personally motivated to succeed.

I've been fascinated by technology since a very young age after creating my very first website that attracted visitors from all around the world. Since then, I have found myself in various IT related roles including technical support, web design, hosting, Windows/Linux server administration, and now Software Quality Assurance. In regards to testing equipment, I own all my own hardware including iOS and Android devices and have Windows/OS X/Linux environments on hand as well.


I am familiar with the software development lifecycle and the
processes involved to guarantee efficiency as a QA Engineer. This includes formulating a test plan,
writing and running test cases,
and then promptly reporting bugs. Progress reports are always provided along the way.


The approach taken will often vary from project to project based on customer requirements but it is important to be consistent. Decide on the best methodology given the circumstances and stick with it. Over the years I've worked under various methodologies including Agile, Lean, Waterfall, etc.

My hourly rate is very competitive and depends on the duration of the project and what the work entails. My work schedule is flexible and I can accept PayPal and most major Credit Cards. An official and detailed invoice can also be provided upon request.

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Get in touch.

Like what you've heard thus far? Have any questions for me? Feel free to get in touch via Skype, email, phone, or the below form and we can discuss the details.

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